Title – White Wings on a Black Horse

So I came up with a title and a basic idea.

White Wings on a Black Horse

The rich title holder of a star system is looking to expand her own power base and agrees be one of the many people courting the daughter of the Hegemon of Eridani.

Sex, Politics, Lasers. It does not get better than that.

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Unnamed Piece for Loose Id

Loose Id, an erotic romance pub is looking for submissions. I have never done romance before, I mean I have done Planetary Romance (The Token Man) but not Romance with a capital R. They do take Sci fi and Fantasy so I am working a SF story. ¬†It won’t be for kids but I plan to have tasteful erotica… okay who am I kidding, it will be raunchy ūüôā Raunchy with Lasers.

So more information on this coming today.

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Sword & Laser Anthology

So I have decided on a title and a story. The title is: “A Kindness for the Dead” and I will post a snippet of it at some point soon. Looks like deadline is May 15th. ¬†It is science fiction and its… awesome ūüôā

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Sword & Laser Anthology

This looks interesting.


I am a little torn on what to write, but I have a few good ideas and I will decide on which one to use tonight.

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JordanCon feedback

So JordanCon was awesome. The social aspects were nice; it was a good relaxing weekend meeting new folks and hanging with the folks I already knew. 

From the stand point of writing, it was amazing. It is hard to imagine how it could have gone better in a realistic sense. Sure someone could have heard my writing and through money at me but life does not work like that. I think some good honest feedback and a business card was the best I could do and am happy about that. 

Solamandstrom got peer reviewed and that was good. I also got some ideas for both Black Dragon Mambo and Faceless. 

So overall, yeah a good weekend and good investment of time.

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Solamandstrom Characters

Most of these will not appear in the peer review / prologue but just to keep the notes and keep people who are interested up to date.

Ahkaan Lih – (pr. Aachen Lee) Monk of the Order of the Silver Candle – A man who has devoted his life to study, Ahkaan dreams of Solamandstrom and researches the ancient demon. His dreams drive him to seek out a solution to Solamandstrom’s coming.¬†

Vaeraan Orn – (pr. V-air-en Or-n) Mercenary. Vaeraan was a childhood nemesis of Ahkaan but his fame (infamy) as a mercenary leads the monk to recruit him for his quest. Vaeraan is a skeptic but relishes battle and the chance to kill a demon.

Talyzin Р(pr. Tal-I-sin) The black Oldeth cat companion of Vaeraan. Ascerbic and caustic, the mischievous Talyzin swears, like all Oldeth cats, that he is the reincarnation of a famous magician.

Chalde Komar Р(pr. Challed Ko-mar) Servant of Solamanstrom. Chalde also dreamed of the demon and as an adherent to Voton, the Path of Chaos, he embraces the dark dreams. 

Isre Koma – (pr. Is-ree Ko-mar) Sister of Chalde, Isre is an assassin of the Purple Lotus. She does not support her brother’s choices but she protects him on his quest.

Lysolde – (pr. Lee-sold) Is the leader of Solamanstrom’s temple. The position was passed down to her from her mother’s sister and has been in her family for two hundred years. She is aware of Ahkaan and wants to use him to further Solamanstrom’s goals.

Solamandstrom – (pr. Sol-a-man-dstrom) A demon of the Kaoskampf – The Chaos War. He was a minor demon and barely mentioned in the texts on that war. In the last days of the Dawn Times the tribes of humans who once worshiped him turned on him and threw him down into a prison in the heart of Numerkhan, The First City. Now known as The Sunken City, its prison walls are crumbling and allowing Solamanstrsom to escape his captivity.

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Peer Review for Jordan Con – Solamandstrom

So I decided on the peer review work that I am going to be bringing to Jordan Con. It was a close call between Grisvalts’ Toys, Season of Dragons, and Solamandstrom. I decided on the latter because I feel it has the potential for the strongest beginning. ¬†I want to put my best foot forward for this and wow some people. For years people have been betting on me and so I think it is time that I finally made good. So Solamanstrom it is.

Solamandstrom is the story, the first in a trilogy, about a demon who is re-emerging from his imprisonment and the people who choose to stand in his way. The problem they face is that Solamandstrom is not really a big deal. Think of him as the North Korea of demons. So he is not much of a threat by himself. As a nuisance or ally of the stronger demons though, he could be quite dangerous. I am hoping to make some interesting additions to the idea of epic fantasy, but my hope is that it will at least be really good.

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Some story ideas (Sci-FI)

So I am working on some basic ideas in my head. ¬†One is a short story but I have only the title and a vague idea of it where it is going. “Call me, yesterday.” Is a time travel tale. Yeah that is about all I have at the moment. Well I do have a vague idea it will be about the scientists who make time travel work.

I am going to submit an idea for a peer review at upcoming Jordan Con. I THINK it will be Solamandstrom – my sort of fantasy epic trilogy. I may be trying to hard to stay clear of the tropes with that one. I will be working hard on the first five pages of it.

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A little about Black Dragon Mambo

Its an adult work, something the kids should not read until they are 18 years old. That is okay though because I hope when they are old enough they can appreciate it.  Sex and violence are tropes we find prevalent in our society today. It is one part rebellion and one part the need for more and more spice to engage the senses. I want to be a great storyteller and a good writer. I want to challenge people and their ideas. I am hoping Black Dragon Mambo challenges me in some of the same ways I hope it challenges you. 

Dragons would be difficult to feature in a modern urban fantasy setting. Where are they hiding? How do creatures the size of elephants, at least, engage a world where our satellites can see words written on a page? Writing dragons cannot be easy unless we change, ever so slightly, what the premise of a dragon is.

In Black Dragon Mambo dragons are still the fierce predators of old, but they take on the forms of men to work in the world. Some change forms and some keep the same form they have head for thousands of years. Dragons have their shadows however, and are very hard to kill. Most of their magic resides in their shadows. It is said that for a dragon, the color of their heart resides in their hair but the color of their soul resides in their eyes. 

The story revolves around the last of the Black Dragon Temple. There are 13 when the story begins, far less than any other temple. They are feared by many and some of the other temples hold a grudge from the Kaoskampf – the Chaos War between Marduk and Tiamat, mother of all dragons. In that war, the Black Dragons were the only ones to side with Marduk who, though he lost to Tiamat still managed to bring about the world of men. Even today no one understands why the Black Dragon’s stood against their brothers and sisters.

Driven to the new world, the Black Dragon temple has protected the natives of North and South America the best way they can as well as the millions of immigrants who have come to her shores. The annual convocation is being held in the lands of the Black Dragon temple and into this mix of politics and bad blood comes rumors that some among the convocation want to breed a new temple to replace the Black…

Sex, violence, politics, and more sex.

Gear Up!


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Well this is only like the tenth blog I have started, but I feel pretty good about 2013 and my goal is to get something published somewhere, whether I get paid or not. So with some good themes and positive energy, I am going to use this blog to push myself and to finish what I start.  I will also likely do book reviews here of things I have read. So hopefully it will not be boring or irrelevant.

Gear Up!


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